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Authorized Church/Organization User: Licensed access to this site is for the exclusive use of this Church/Organization and exclusively for its mission planning. Personal use or use for a business or another organization other than the licensing agency is expressly forbidden. User also agrees not to share his/her username or password with anyone else. Failure to abide by these terms will be a violation of this license agreement and may result in the revocation of access to this user.

Organization Location Advisory The first step after completing the registration process is to login to your local organization. The current location was provided by your agency and in some cases the address information is incomplete and does not allow an accurate placement of your organization. (This is more likely to happen for locations in rural areas.) There is no cause for alarm. It is an easy process to move your organization’s geographic location on the map once we receive additional information from you. Normally, this change can be made within 48 hours. Simply send an email to your Agency Administrator or to MissionInsite at with additional information on your organization’s location. Please note: Though your organization may be temporarily in the wrong location, the demographic information is accurate for the area. Individual organization locations are an added overlay and do not influence how the underlying demographic data is stored and reported.
Authorize to Send Emails: From time to time, MissionInsite adds new features, updates the system or introduces new resources to support you in ministry. Our primary mode of communication is your email address. However, by law, we must give you the option to not receive such correspondence. If you do not want to receive these updates, check the box below. Remember, if you choose to check the box opting out of future emails, we will not be able to inform you of changes.